You Are What You Consume – July 10, 2020

Every Sunday my phone gives me a report on my screen time usage the past week. This past week it made me wonder what today’s world would be like without the 24 hour news cycle or social media. The more these venues are consumed, the more it seems one’s anxiety is raised. I have observed that as this becomes the primary source of one’s information and determines one’s reactions they respond with either anger or anxiety. As believers we are called to something different. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 informs us that all of Scripture is inspired (created and determined) by God. As a result it is sufficient for us. It informs our thinking, addresses our failures, points us in the right direction, and equips us to follow that direction. Paul then tells us it is all we need to be completely equipped for the task God has called us to. As a result we are to give ourselves to the Word. Sadly, too many Christians don’t read the Word. day after day goes by without picking it up. We feed ourselves news and social media while ignoring the Word and then wonder at our anger and anxiety. Most of those that do pick up the Word either don’t actually read the Word (but instead read books about the Word) or do a quick five minute read and call it good. But is this sufficient? On the other hand, I have found that when I make the Word my primary source of information and allow it to determine what I think on any subject, I am amazingly calm. So what would happen in your life and in our church if we decided to make the Word central to our everyday lives? My goal this week is this: When I am tempted to turn on the news or look at social media, I will read the Word first. Will you join me?
~ Pastor Dave