We Obey Because God Wins – November 18, 2022

Often in life, we struggle with sin and conflict, which we believe will never end. Sometimes we give up because we think we can never gain victory over it; the struggle is who we are. Sometimes we look at the advancing evil in the world around us and are tempted to believe that good and Truth will not triumph. As we continue in 1 John 5, we arrive at verses 4-5, where we learn that we can and must obey God because he has overcome the world. Because God has overcome the world, we will also overcome it.

John states that everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is a present tense statement. He says that believers are already experiencing victory over the world in their lives. Often, we overlook the victory that is happening because we are embroiled in the battle. We are wise to step back at times and see God’s work in us and the world. We must not lose sight of all that God is doing.

After the election this past week, some stood back in understandable frustration. In many cases, we observed the advance of immorality and anti-biblical mentalities. The Christian could easily lose sight of all God is doing and fall into anger and bitterness. However, we must remember what grants us victory over evil today. John states the formula in two words – our faith. God will not overcome the world through the ballot box (although that is important). We will not overcome the world through temporal means (although they are essential). We will overcome the world through faith (1 John 4:4; James 4:7).

At salvation, God granted you victory over sin. You were given complete victory over the condemnation of sin. You were given the ability to have victory over the power of sin. And one day, we will be given victory over the presence of sin. This faith supplies the basis for the believer’s overwhelming victory Paul speaks of in Romans 8:37. We can not only survive sin and struggle in life, but we can also overwhelmingly conquer.

As you examine your life, you must remind yourself of the victory that God has granted to you. The struggle with sin is real. But God is working in you to grow you through it. He has given you the means to gain victory over it. This victory is not instantaneous but a life-long struggle. And one day, you will be freed from the struggle forever. So don’t give up! Continue the struggle.

As you examine the culture around you, you may be tempted to despair. But remember that God has already gained victory through Christ. Although we engage in the battle for Truth, the outcome is secure. This means that when it appears Truth is losing, it is not. Jesus wins!