Pray for Afghanistan – August 20, 2021

Any who have followed current events have watched in horror the challenges in Afghanistan this week. It is certain that God will hold accountable those political leaders who made such disastrous decisions and fell asleep at the wheel. Yet, today, I do not want to focus on the political failures (although they are massive), but rather on the need to bring our brothers and sisters in Christ before the Throne of Grace.

Reports continue to come from Afghanistan that the Taliban is actively searching for and executing believers and committing gross atrocities against their families, specifically against the young women in their families. The borders to neighboring countries are guarded and closed, the cities are no refuge, so many of our fellow believers are taking to the mountains to hide. All the while, they are still doing their best to gather and worship.

All that is happening serves as an important reminder to us. First, this reminds us of the reality of persecution. In America we have been largely immune to it. Yet, as it draws ever nearer, we look to those who are now suffering it as an example to us of faithfulness. Second, it reminds us of the blessing we have to worship together in freedom. I have been saddened by the propensity in our nation and frankly our church for believers to use every excuse not to gather with their fellow believers on Sunday morning. Camping, seasonals, house chores, unnecessary events, and frankly just being tired have all replaced the desire to gather with God’s people. This ought not be the case. We should long to be together. We should do all we can to ensure that we are there. Be in church on Sunday. Don’t miss for something that can be avoided. Third, we should drop to our knees and pray desperately for our brothers and sisters around the globe who are suffering for the cause of Christ.

Hebrews 13:3 reminds us, “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” We cannot forget to bring these brothers and sisters in Afghanistan to God. We cannot allow the business of life to move our care for them to the background. Take some time right now to pray for them. Below are some links to help you in your prayers.

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