Our Incarnate God – December 18, 2020

At Christmas we celebrate the amazing reality of our Incarnate Christ. Incarnate means that God took on human flesh. He became a human. John 1:17 informs us that the Word took on flesh and dwelt among us. An early heresy stated that God did not actually take on human form. He just appeared to have a human form. However, Peter states that their hands touched him. Jesus was actually born, actually lived, actually died, and actually rose again. God took on a human body.

In order to understand this, we must recognize several important aspects. We must recognize God as our creator. God specially formed the first humans and tasked them with dominion over the creation. However, they rebelled against God their creator. All humans since have also rebelled against God their creator (including you and me). But God did not respond how one would think he would. Instead, He became his creation. Over 2000 years ago, God took on human flesh. He did this so that he could die in our place, take our punishment for this rebellion on himself, and justify mankind. Through this sacrifice, we have a restored relationship with God.

When we recognize our rebellion against God and accept Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us, we are made a part of the family of God. Because Jesus was born as a man, we can be born again into the spiritual family of God. This was the message of the angels on that first Christmas night. Salvation had come into the world through the incarnation of God. At Christmas we celebrate our incarnate God.

This means that Christmas is so much more than happy feelings, presents, and family time. This means that Christmas is about the sacrificial gift of God. God gave us the ultimate gift: His own Son for our souls. Next week, as you give and receive the Christmas gifts, recognize what those gifts picture. The ultimate gift of God for you. Take a moment (actually take many moments) and thank God for that amazing gift. Take the opportunity to share this gift with someone who needs to hear the Gospel.