Live in the Present – August 27, 2021

Yesterday my oldest went to High School. Today my youngest becomes a teenager. Days like today cause me to pause and consider life. It seems like yesterday that they were preschoolers terrorizing the house. As I think back on this, I consider the times that I took it all for granted. I became so busy working for the future that I forgot to live in and make the most of the present. Time is one thing that we can’t have back. Once used, it is gone forever.

How often do we fail to live in the present? When we are younger, we seem to live in the future. Everything is geared towards building our career, buying the house and toys, and working towards retirement. When we are older, we seem to live in the past. We long for the good old days (which seem to get better with every telling). In both situations we fail to recognize that God has placed us in a particular place today in which to accomplish his purposes. Perhaps this is why many seem so unhappy.

In Philippians 4 Paul stated that he learned in every state and stage of life to be content with God’s work in his life. He did this because of his focus on Christ who strengthened him. That change in life you are convinced will make you happy and content will not accomplish what you think it will accomplish. You will be the constant unhappy self. Instead recognize the gifts that God has granted you today and make the most of them. A statement I find myself saying to my boys regularly is, “Be where you are.” I say it often because I need that message as much as they do.

Instead of looking towards what we don’t have. Instead of focusing so much on the future or the past. Look at what God has for you today. Dad, stop the project you feel you have to accomplish or the hobby you just can’t get away from and spend some time with your children and wife. Mom, the house will always need cleaning, watch a movie with your kids and husband. Grandparent, the past was not as great as you remember. Instead of griping, encourage and invest in your family. Let’s take the time to get to know our neighbors. Let’s not put off to tomorrow what we should be doing today. Remember, time is something you never get back. Be content with what God has granted you. Live in the present and cherish the moment.