June 26, 2020 – A Tribute To My Parents

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 43rd anniversary. While they are by no means perfect, Growing up, I was able to observe their relationship and learn from it. I learned what a successful relationship entails: things like biblically resolving conflict, remaining faithful, exhibiting and receiving love, and sacrificially serving one another. I have watched by dad selflessly care for my mother through two battles with cancer. I have watched my mother pinch pennies to provide not just for the family’s needs but also many of our wants. I was directed towards spiritual growth through their commitment to God and the church. While my dad worked long hours year after year, both my parents did their best to be at my athletic events and my sister’s music concerts. A memory I will always hold dear occurred in my junior year of college. My college soccer team again competed at the national championship tournament in Kissimmee, Florida. As we warmed up prior to the first game I thought I heard my parents’ voices. As I played, I became more convinced I was right. Sure enough, when the game ended, there they were walking across the field. Unannounced, they had flown in for the weekend to watch me. In my desk I still have the picture taken at the end of that tournament, in which I am holding the national championship banner with my parents.
Why do I mention this? Because the nuclear family is the creation of God. God intended children to be raised by both their parents. Through this arrangement, the children naturally learn important life lessons. Specifically, how to interact with others and in the Christian family, how to interact with God. Husbands it is vital that you heed the commands of Ephesians 5 and 1 Peter 3. You must learn to lead your family towards Christlikeness. You must love your wife and serve her the way that Christ loves and gave himself for the church. You must learn to understand everything about your wife. Your children are watching. Mothers, you must also learn to heed the commands of Ephesians 5 and 1 Peter 3. You must learn how to lovingly submit to your husband’s leadership. You must care well for your family. You should be a picture of grace and care. You children are watching.
Many of the social ills our society faces today can be traced back to the breakdown of the family. Children are being raised without fathers and are left adrift to fend for themselves. Children are being raised without mothers and are failing to learn empathy and care. Left to fend for themselves, missing the God ordained structures, these individuals live out their own fleshly desires and chase the wind. Now we are reaping the whirlwind. If you are struggling in your marriage, there is no shame in seeking help. If you have a strong marriage, guard it well. For the sake of the next generation, let us be a church that values the family.
~ Pastor Dave