God with Us – December 17, 2021

God created all things in absolute perfection. However, humankind quickly destroyed that perfection through willful disobedience and rebellion. As our representative, Adam plunged all men into sin through that one sin. Creation became subject to the horrendous impact of sin. And the world became broken. Yet, God in His sovereign love did not walk away. Instead, He began to work all things towards redemption through God’s eternal plan. We find this promise in Genesis 3:15.

God chose to preserve Noah and his family out of man’s depravity. Later God called Abraham and identified this man as the headwaters of redemption’s stream. This stream would pass through Judah and ultimately be identified in King David. Through David, we learned that the One who would come would be a redeemer and a King. However, things did not go as humanity expected. Israel and Judah entered into captivity, and God stopped speaking to man. Four hundred years of silence ensued. All hope seemed to be lost.

Then, an angel visited a young woman in Galilee one spectacular day. He informed her that she was the final piece before the Redeemer. She would miraculously conceive through the Holy Spirit. We see her incredible faith because she believed the angel and responded in worship.

One can imagine the ensuing conversation with her fiancĂ©, Joseph, and her family. Matthew 1 indicates that Joseph did not believe her. Who could blame him? An angel visited Joseph to confirm Mary’s account. Joseph also responded in faith. Nine months later, the miraculous happened. God entered the world as a baby. Christmas happened.

As we celebrate Christmas over 2000 years later, we must keep in mind the reason for our celebration. Giving gifts and spending time with family is wonderful. However, they are not the reason we celebrate. We celebrate because Jesus became a man so that he could live a sinless life, sacrifice his life for our sin on the cross, and establish the Kingdom of God again. We celebrate because God forgives our sin through our faith in Jesus. We celebrate because God makes us citizens of the eternal Kingdom of God. We celebrate because Christmas means God will fix the world fixed again and make all things right.

So, celebrate this Christmas! Give gifts as a picture of the greatest gift given to us. Spend time with family as a picture of the eternal family we have in Christ. And regularly point to the Gospel. Remember, while the world is broken, it will be fixed because of Christmas (and Good Friday and Easter)!