God Will Work – January 14, 2022

Sometimes in life, we question God’s actions. As we look at life around us, we wonder if God is really in control. Paul writes a letter to a group of people in Philippi wondering the same thing. In Philippians 1:6, he states, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” The acts of history are not up to us; they are up to God. God began redemption in us. Because of this, we can have confidence that he will complete this redemption.

Perhaps we struggle with the challenges of life because we don’t value our redemption. Because we don’t appreciate our redemption, we have a faulty view of life and history. We become frustrated when we depend on other things for our happiness, satisfaction, or stability. All are sin-stained and unable to accomplish the things for which they were not created. As a result, our faulty view of redemption and God creates instability.

Redemption (the good work God began in us) refers to more than simply getting out of Hell and going to Heaven one day. This redemption brings us into the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom overarches all human life and history. This Kingdom overarches all of life as it grants the believer a different motive and focus. No longer must we rely on this world for satisfaction, joy, and stability. All too often, we rely on family relationships, work success, financial advancement, recreation, acknowledgment, or our political party in power for our stability and satisfaction. When the thing we are looking for fails (and it will), we become unstable and frustrated. Yet, we find wonderful satisfaction when we focus on and live for the everlasting Kingdom.

The Kingdom overarches all of history. God is working every action and circumstance towards the ultimate establishment of that Kingdom when Christ returns. The changes in political establishments and countries continue to take place. Hoping that some political victory will change the course of history is foolhardy at best. Yet, the Kingdom remains an eternal promise. Relying on that Kingdom grants stability regardless of the current political or socio-economic climate.

As you walk through life and find yourself frustrated with the challenges you face, remember that God will work all things for our redemption. You can be confident through the darkest of times because your hope is in Christ. He is solid and steadfast. Don’t be angry or frustrated; find contentment in Christ.