The Value of Life – October 31, 2021

Society today assigns value to individuals based on looks, ability, money, and power. If an individual holds any of these, they have intrinsic value. If an individual does not, they contain little to no value. Last week we considered the message in Genesis 1 that God created man in His image. As we contemplate the image of God in man, we cannot escape the impact this belief has on our value of life. From conception to death, all life has value, and we should recognize that value. This means that Christians should be champions of life.

First, this means that Christians should champion life from conception. Since God made all humanity in His image, even the unborn contain that image. Therefore, to eliminate that image disregards God. When we respect and value the image of God in the unborn, we honor God. Interestingly, the following phrase in Genesis 1 contains the command to Adam and Eve regarding childbirth. God commanded them to be fruitful and multiply. God places a priority on children. If we believe that man is made in God’s image, we must fight for the unborn.

Second, this means that Christians should value the disabled. Society sees very little value in the disabled. Recently I heard of a European country boasting that they had eliminated down syndrome in their country. The dirty secret is that they had done this through abortion. Yet, the image of God resides in these individuals. They bring tremendous value to humanity. They are made in God’s image, so their lives matter. Therefore, Christians should fight for the disabled.

Third, this means that Christians should value the elderly. As the body and mind degrade, the elderly can feel of little value. Yet, Scripture consistently indicates that we should honor and respect the elderly. When we disregard them, we ignore the image of God. Christians should demonstrate care and appreciation for the elderly.

Each person is valuable because they are made in the image of God. Regardless of looks, ability, money, or power, each individual deserves respect. This means that we should seek to care for all. We should defend the helpless. We should uphold righteousness. We should value God’s image.