Reflecting the Humility of Christ – November 5, 2021

Several years ago, the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” became very popular. When we consider that it means to live like Christ, we cannot overlook humility. In Philippians 2, Paul encourages us to emulate the attitude found in Christ. The attitude which Paul identified as the dominant attribute is the one of humility. To be like Christ, we must be humble. Paul identified three ways that demonstrated Christ’s humility.

First, Christ demonstrated his humility through the incarnation. This text informs us that Jesus did not consider equality with God a thing to be grasped. Instead, he took upon him the form of man. Prior to the immaculate conception, the second person of the trinity existed in the same form (as a spirit) as the other two persons of the trinity. However, through the incarnation, the Second Person became his creation. He confined himself to a human body. He experienced all that the human body experiences. Humans long to be freed from the travails of the body. Christ took those travails upon himself.

Second, Christ came as a servant. Although he is the Creator, he came as a lowly man. Born in a barn, Christ did not come in a humanly exalted position. Christ’s glory did shine through in his life. He came to a position of influence because of his deity. However, he came to serve. Consider that statement for a moment. The one who spoke all things into existence came to serve and save His creation. We demand to be served. We become frustrated when others inconvenience us. But not Christ! His humility shines through the fact that he embraced service.

Third, he obeyed the Father even to the point of a gruesome death on the cross. We avoid pain and death. Christ embraced it. Rather than uncreate and start over, He chose to redeem through the cross. He endured pain, ridicule, and blasphemy from those he lovingly caused to exist. Although he did not sin, he took our sin on himself. He endured the wrath of the Father. All so that we might have life. The one who did not deserve suffering and death, in humility, embraced it.

We often think that life revolves around us. Conflict festers because we demand our way and our opinion. For too many, there are two ways to accomplish things: my way and the wrong way. We see ourselves as mature, wise sages. Moreover, we see others as the ones blessed with our presence. Following the humility of Christ demands that we seek instead to serve others. We must make much of others. We must be willing to follow the thoughts, opinions, and desires of others. To be like Christ, we cannot make life about us. Instead, live for others.